Supporting Hospital Transitions Advocacy

Improving the Experience of Hospital Discharge – Supporting Transition provides independent advocacy to help people over 50 during their stay in hospital, through the process of hospital discharge and after they have been discharged.

We aim to support lone people in hospital to make informed choices and decisions about their treatment and future care especially in relation to discharge arrangements. Funded by The Mercers’ Company, Garfield Weston Foundation and B’nai Brith Leo Baeck Lodge (London), Supporting Transition helps Barnet residents over 50 to ask for what they want and to feel in control of what is happening to them. It also supports them to access the services and information they need to improve their stay in hospital and to avoid re-admission once discharged.

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If you are currently a patient in Royal Free, Finchley Memorial and Edgware Community Hospitals our Supporting Transition Advocates can:

  • help you prepare for meetings and make them more effective for everyone involved
  • ensure that healthcare professionals, social services, benefits, and other agencies
  • understand and respect your wishes
  • attend hospital discharge meetings
  • liaise with occupational therapists regarding adaptations
  • raise concerns about care
  • provide information on independent and residential living options
  • provide information as to what practical help is available locally
  • provide information and support on other common advocacy issues such as accommodation,
  • equipment, social and leisure options
  • support you in being discharged back to your own home
  • support you being discharged into a care home for the first time so that all agencies
  • understand and respect your wishes and preferences.

If you have had an unplanned hospital admission or are facing discharge from hospital, an advocate can be a valuable source of support. Advocacy can help ensure you are centre stage for any arrangements made regarding your care and needs and that your views are listened to, respected and acted on.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for more volunteers to help build on the advocacy that we have been delivering at the Royal Free, Finchley Memorial and Edgware Community Hospitals.

Volunteer advocates will be present in hospital wards to support people during the discharge process.

Volunteers will be matched with between 3-8 people a year depending on length of involvement and frequency of visits required – as well as Volunteer availability. Volunteers will support the same person throughout the period required.

  •  Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate studying social care or another relevant discipline?
  • If you are working do you have some evening or weekend availability?
  • Are you recently retired or are looking to return to work after a break?
  • Are you able to commit some regular time (~2-4 hours/week) each week?
  • Could you visit an individual at least once a fortnight – or more often as required?

If you are interested in reducing the isolation of vulnerable older people and improving their health and well-being please:


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