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Advocacy in Barnet provides free independent and confidential advocacy services to help people aged 50 who live in Barnet or whose care is funded by the London Borough of Barnet.

“The advocate was very helpful. The doctor’s whole manner changed when she came with me. People like me need the help of Advocacy in Barnet because we are treated so badly by others and often we can’t do anything about it.” JM

London Borough of Barnet

Independent advocacy is a way to ensure people have a voice and choice in health and social care matters and services to have as much control as possible over their own lives and maintain independence. It aims to resolve issues, concerns or queries individuals may have about their health and well-being and offers support at times of transition or facing difficult changes in living. We provide advocacy relating to the Care Act and support people to have a stronger voice and their views and concerns be heard.
Advocacy in Barnet

If you live in Barnet or your care is funded by the London Borough of Barnet and are 50 or over, our advocates can support you with:

  • health and care reviews
  • obtaining services from health and the local authority
  • getting the equipment you need
  • assisting in applying for adaptations
  • obtaining an assessment
  • independent living
  • raising concerns or issues regarding your care
  • provide information about future accommodation
  • moving into care homes
  • making a complaint about health or social care services
  • liaising with solicitors and other relevant professionals

Advocacy is free, independent and confidential and available to people living in their own homes, carers’, people living in residential or care settings or admitted into hospital. You can contact us directly or ask someone to call us for you.

If you are a Barnet resident and feel you have the time, skills and knowledge to support others and would be interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer advocate, please do get in touch with us.

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This service is part of the Specialist Information, Advice and Advocacy Service provided by Citizens Advice Barnet in partnership with Advocacy in Barnet and Mind in Barnet.

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