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Advocacy Referral and Request Form:

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Advocacy Referral and Request Form

Important: Must reside in Barnet and be aged over 50 years.
Please complete the form below as fully as possible so we can understand your requirements and provide the best Advocacy Service for you.

Date of Request:

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Referral Source:

Self-referred (How did you hear about AIB? please specify below)Relative/FriendSocial ServicesGPPractitionerConsultantsLGBT servicesClinical Nurse SpecialistOther Voluntary OrganisationHelpline (please specify below)Other (please specify below)

Client Details:

MrMrsMissMsOther (please specify below)



Preferred Name:

Date of Birth:

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Other organisations involved:

Please list other Organisations involved? and how long since last contact?

Housing Association?

Social Services referrals:

How many visits have been made to the client?

When was the most recent visit to the client?

Are there any forthcoming meetings planned?

Initial Referral Issues:

What are his/her/your advocacy needs (please tick appropriate, feel free to tick more than one):

Advocacy under Care Act:
Needs assessmentsContinuing care assessmentsSupport care planningCare & support review

Future Care:
Advance Care PlanRegistering as an organ donorDiscussing DNAR

Accommodation Issues:
Housing TransferSale of propertyMaintenance and repairsTenancy Issues

Hospital Advocacy:
TransitionsCare in hospitalDischarge procedureDischarge aftercare package

Financial Issues:
Financial AbuseLiaising with banks/utilitiesEquipment and adaptations

Other Advocacy Issues: please specify below -

Health Background

Any long-term conditions, e.g. Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, etc - please specify:

Cancer: YesNo
Please state type:

Caring responsibilities for a dependent or loved one(s)? YesNo
Please specify:

Dementia: YesNo
Please specify:

Do you require emotional support? YesNo
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Hearing impairment: YesNo
Please specify:

Learning difficulty including autism: YesNo
Please specify:

Multiple impairments: YesNo
Please specify:

Physical impairment: YesNo
Please specify:

Registered disabled: YesNo

Visual impairment: YesNo
Please specify:

Other Health Issues: please state:

Further Important information

AWARENESS: Is the client aware that a referral has been made? YesNo

Is there any challenging behaviour or health and safety risk?

Any other useful information:


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