Care home volunteer advocates provide weekly advocacy services to older people living in care homes in the London Borough of Barnet.

“My Care Home has benefited a lot as residents who have no representatives are able to voice their concerns or personal needs through a third party who is not a member of our staff. Having someone they can open up to as their representative gives them a peace of mind. More representation for our residents has made a difference. I would like to thank the service for its good work and look forward to working with you in future.” – Kenwood Nursing Home Manager.

Funded by Comic ReliefThe Care Home Challenge

The Care Home Challenge project seeks to improve the sense of community and foster closer relationships between staff and residents and across the care home and wider community.

Advocacy in Barnet - Care Home Project

As with advocacy, the work focuses on putting people’s own desires and experiences at the heart of the care they receive. The project uses a variety of approaches including staff learning sessions, weekly reminiscence activities, inter care home working and broader work with residents, relatives and care staff to reflect on their own personal journeys with activities linked to the theme.
Advocacy in Barnet are currently piloting this work with three care homes and not taking further requests.

“Going into a nursing home was terrifying. The loss of my independence and privacy was almost more than I could bear. Having the chance to talk to someone on the outside about things here has helped make me feel less stuck with my lot.” – BW

If you are a Barnet resident and would be interested in volunteering with this project and being a force for change, please do get in touch with us.

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