January 2022: Welfare Benefits Advocacy - Pilot Stage

January 2022 update: We are excited to share that the first pilot stage of Welfare Benefits Advocacy resulted in all claimants being awarded the benefits.

Alongside the financial difference, all applicants reported improved self esteem, better health and more self confidence as a result of Advocacy in Barnet’s support.

March 2019: Conference Report: 'Patient Journeys, advocating for a positive discharge from hospital'

On the 26th of March 2019, we hosted a conference to share the work of our ‘Supporting Transitions’ Project, which we had been working on over the past two years.

Our project aimed to prevent re-admissions through advocacy support, to older people who were being discharged from hospital.

Guest speakers at the event included:

  • Neil Tester, Deputy Director at Healthwatch England
  • Sidony Holdsworth, Independent Living Service Manager at British Red Cross

You can read our full conference report here: 'Patient Journeys' 2019