All About Welfare Benefits Advocacy

Advocacy in Barnet are delivering a welfare benefits advocacy project targeted at people applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

The type of assistance we can offer will include:

  • Assistance to understand and prepare for completing the application form
  • Assistance in obtaining supporting evidence from professionals for the application form
  • Assistance to understand and prepare for the assessment process
  • Assistance in attending the assessment meeting
  • Supporting you in requesting and submitting a Mandatory Reconsideration

“Independent Advocacy supports people to have a strong voice in key decisions that affect them and to have as much control as possible over their own lives.”


Any information you give to us is not passed on to a third party without your agreement. The only time we would break this agreement is if we believe that you or someone connected to you is at significant risk. We would always tell you about this before taking any action.

Join Our Team Of Welfare Benefits Volunteer Advocates

Welfare Benefits Volunteer Advocates assist Personal Independence Applicants in increasing their skills in self representation and confidence at meetings to increase their chances for a successful outcome.  … read more