All About Advocacy

The Importance of Independence & Confidentiality

“Independent Advocacy supports people to have a strong voice in key decisions that affect them and to have as much control as possible over their own lives.”

An advocate is independent and will listen and assist the person without judging or giving their personal opinion. Advocacy in Barnet believe that people are the expert on their life and it is the person’s view of how they experience their condition that our advocates will act upon.

Advocacy in Barnet is separate from organisations that provide other types of services.

An independent advocate will assist the person to get across the information they need to present how their condition impacts on their daily life.

The advocate is trained, independent and the service is free of charge. An advocate might help the person understand and access information they need to complete the application form or attend the assessment process with them.

Applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

For many people, applying for PIP is an unnerving experience; the questions on the required forms are COMPLEX and the assessment process a daunting prospect. Yet the application form content and assessment are the basis for the award decision.

Unfamiliarity and lack of information can leave you feeling unable to clearly represent your situation, often when at your most vulnerable. Over the past twenty years, we have repeatedly seen the difference that having a voice and understanding can make. It makes the difference between being in control and having your needs respected and, being ignored.

We recruit and train volunteers from the local community to help support applicants to best represent themselves in obtaining Personal Independence Payments. Our volunteers have an understanding of local issues and a vested interest and passion for ensuring quality care in their community.


Any information you give to us is not passed on to a third party without your agreement. The only time we would break this agreement is if we believe that you or someone connected to you is at significant risk. We would always tell you about this before taking any action.