Advocacy Consultancy Service

Advocacy in Barnet has acquired considerable experience and expertise through its work over the past 19 years, which we believe is of value to the wider voluntary sector.

We have supported a number of voluntary sector groups in a number of ways, including:

  • Setting up New Advocacy Services
  • Developing Volunteer Best Practice
  • Volunteer Management for Smaller Voluntary Sector Groups
  • Assistance with Recruiting Volunteers.
  • Consulting with service users about their experience of health or social care services
  • Mentoring

Independent Consultation

Advocacy in Barnet has several years of experience of providing independent consultation on a range of issues to a cross section of service user of social and health policy areas of concern, including:

  • User Experience of Hospital Services
  • Discharge from Hospital
  • Transition from Personal to Residential Care Home
  • Care Homes
  • Dementia Services
  • Cancer Services
  • Personal Care Services

Additionally, we have facilitated consultation for care home residents on proposed changes to issues such as support levels offered in care settings, changes to care home contracts, nature of services provided and proposed closures of care homes and residential settings.

Our independent consultation service offers all stages of consultation including devising meaningful information to service users, devising relevant and accessible questionnaires, presentation of information, 1:1 interviews, focus groups, community surveys as well as interviews with providers to gauge the overall experience of recipients. The information gathered feeds into a report detailing key findings, issues identified and any recommendations arising from the consultation.

Facilitated user involvement

Independent facilitated user involvement comprises half to one day focus groups on a range of issues undertaken on behalf of a statutory or independent health body.

Facilitated user involvement enables the body to independently “inspect” their service and obtain direct feedback on how this is received and experienced by the service user. It allows for gaps to be identified and recommendations to be made in a way that feels safe and anonymous for the service user.

This service includes the preparation, facilitation and support for focus group meetings, creating a confidential space to ensure all views are heard, note taking, a written summary document for participants of the key issues captured and a final report detailing key findings, issues identified and any recommendations arising from the consultation.

Participation & Involvement

Participation and involvement ensures people are involved with service planning, design and delivery. Offering the best service means taking the views of people who use the service into consideration. Participation and involvement ensures people who use services have a say in how they are run, whether any changes need to be made and what the service is going to look like in the future.

Advocacy in Barnet ensures opportunities for every person who uses a service to be involved in its future; to give service users the opportunity to have their say and participate in the continuous development of services. Advocacy in Barnet offers focus groups, individual discussion time, recording and other approaches to gather the views and opinions of all those involved.

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