About Advocacy in Barnet

Advocacy in Barnet works to champion the right of each person aged 50 or over to be at the centre of their care and to challenge poor and discriminatory practice.

For many older people, the need to use community or health services is new territory. Unfamiliarity and lack of information can leave you feeling unable to deal with situations you find yourself in, often when at your most vulnerable. Over the past twenty years, we have repeatedly seen the difference that having a voice can make. It makes the difference between being in control, having rights that are respected and living life to the full, and being ignored.

We are free, independent and confidential and recruit and train volunteers from the local community able to offer a service in community languages.

Our volunteers and staff have an understanding of local issues and a vested interest and passion for giving back and ensuring quality care in their community.

We offer a service that is as unique in delivery as individuals are themselves.

We continue to develop our services to respond to the requirements of people with whom we work alongside, ensuring that we find the best way to ensure that people have control of their lives.

We are immensely proud of the work we do, for the professionalism and expertise of our advocates. We listen to what people who use our services have to say and are constantly striving to improve what we do to ensure that no-one is left out. We have developed excellent services and been recognised at the highest level with the Queens Award to Voluntary Organisations for the work we undertake.